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Wildflower Seed Pod

Wildflower Seed Processing

Information on how our wildflower seed is harvested, stored and the quality control of our bulk wildflower and flower seeds.

One method - seeds are collected from seed pods as seen in the picture on the left.

Our wildflower seeds come from many sources.... from all over the world and from most USA states. Of course whenever possible we buy only the highest quality US produced seeds as those are more likely to be acclimatized to the production areas of the customers we service.

Wild Flower Seeds Come From Collectors & Growers

  • Growers are people who will plant a certain species of wildflower and then harvest the seeds either by hand or with equipment when the seeds mature. Some growers work under contracts and others sell at whatever the market price is for the wildflower seeds.
  • Collectors are individuals who either for a living or for the enjoyment of it go out into rural areas and actually hand collect the seeds from wild growing wildflower plants.

Wildflower Seed Warehouse

Some of the wildflower seeds are contracted in advance at a set price and others are bought based on the market price for that particular species at the time when the sale is completed. Once the wildflower seeds reach the warehouse pictured above they have already been cleaned and a preliminary seed test has been conducted.

Seed Quality Control

Strict seed quality controls including Lot identification, facility cleanliness to reduce accidental contamination, and maintaining an ideal temperature are part of the process of providing the customer with quality wildflower seeds.

A second laboratory test is conducted on each lot of seed to verify original test results and to provide an in-house system of quality germination & purity controls.

Temperature/Humidity Monitor ForWildflower Seed
Humidity / Temperature


Testing is rigorous with in-house, commercial laboratory and State Dept of Agriculture analysis tests conducted on various lot samples. Every lot is tracked and monitored with tests as required by federal and state laws.

Wildflower Seed Purity Monitor Lab

Purity Analysis - Above
At right - Germination Chamber

Wildflower Seed Germination Chamber

Greenhouse & Garden Testing Of Wildflower Seed

New wildflower seed varieties and existing seed varieties are often tested in the adjoining wildflower garden next to the Colorado facilities. Here new promising species are examined and seeds are harvested to expand growing acreage on those varieties that perform well and have attractive flowers.

Wildflower Grow Lot For Testing Wildflower Grow Lot For Testing


Over 10,000 sq. ft of modern facilities to provide one of the largest inventories of wildflower seed species available anywhere in the world!

Seed Warehouse Seed Warehouse

Left - Lots of individual species in storage
racks for shipment when needed.
Above - small pack / packaging area.


Then when your order comes in, personnel package each order for shipment. Every day Monday through Friday throughout the year wildflower and flower seeds are delivered to customers - Resulting in thousands of satisfied wildflower and garden flower customers worldwide.

Seed Packaging Equipment

Beautiful Wild Flowers From Seed Delivered To You

Wildflower Seed Pods

Pink Poppies In Field

Wildflower Native Perennnial Mix
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PHOTOGRAPHS / NOTE: The color of wildflowers viewed in digital pictures on this site will vary depending on the monitor used and display settings.  The actual grow-out color of any wildflower species will depend on many unknown variables including site fertility, weather, time of year, lighting effects for the time of day, etc. Colors of any one wildflower usually will vary in shade from pictures available on this site or from the same or similar wildflowers grown at different locations. While we make every effort to try and present the most likely true color of wildflowers on this site, pictures shown are not guaranteed to be true to color.
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180+ Varieties
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Alyssum, Carpet-Snow
Alyssum, Dwarf Sw Pink
Alyssum, Dwarf Sw.Pur.
Alyssum, Sweet
Aster, Bigelow's
Aster, China
Aster, Golden
Aster, New England
Aster, Prairie
Aster, Sky Blue
Aster, Smooth
Aster, White Upland
Baby Blue-Eyes
Baby's Breath, Annual
Baby's Breath, PER.
Balsamroot, Arrowleaf
Basket of Gold
Beardtongue, Nar. Lf
Beeplant, Rocky Mtn.
Bellflower, Tussock
Bird's Eyes
Bishop's Flower
Black-Eyed Susan
Black-Eyed Susan Sw.
Black-Eyed Susan vine
Blazing Star
Blazing Star, Rough
Blood Flower
Bluebell, California
Bluebonnet, Texas
Bundleflower, Illinois
Candytuft, Annual
Candytuft, Perennial
Catchfly, Nodding
Chamomile, Roman
Chinese Forget-me-not
Chinese Houses
Clarkia, Deerhorn
Clover, Crimson
Clover, Prairie Purple
Clover, Prairie White
Clover, Round Bush
Columbine, Blue
Columbine, Dwarf
Columbine, Eastern
Columbine, Mix Colors
Compass Plant
Coneflower, Clasping
Coneflower, Cutleaf
Coneflower, Dwarf Red
Coneflower, Grey-Head
Coneflower, MexicanHat
Coneflower, Narrow-lf
Coneflower, Pale Purple
Coneflower, Prairie
Coneflower, Purple
Coneflower, Yellow
Coreopsis, Dwarf Lance
Coreopsis, Dwarf Plains
Coreopsis, Red Plains
Coreopsis, Lance-leaf
Coreopsis, Plains
Cornflower - Polka Dot
Cornflower, Blue
Cornflower, Dwarf Blue
Cosmos, Dwarf
Cosmos, Sulphur
Cup Plant
Daisy, African
Daisy, Creeping
Daisy, Dwarf Shasta
Daisy, Engleman
Daisy, English
Daisy, Fleabane
Daisy, Garland
Daisy, Gloriosa
Daisy, Ox-Eye
Daisy, Painted
Daisy, Shasta
Daisy, Sleepy
Daisy, Yellow
Dame's Rocket
Flax, Blue
Flax, Lewis
Flax, Scarlet

Gaillardia, Annual
Gaillardia, Per. Dwarf
Gaillardia, Perennial
Gaillardia, Yellow
Gayfeather, Thickspike
Gilia, Globe
Gilia, Scarlet
Globemallow, Goose Lf
Globemallow, Scarlet
Godetia, Dwarf
Godetia, Lilac
Goldeneye, Showy
Goldenrod, Rigid
Golden Alexander
Hyssop, Lavender
Indian Paintbrush
Iris, Wild Blue
Ironweed, Prairie
Johnny Jump-Up
Larkspur, Rocket
Larkspur, Western
Lupine, Arroyo
Lupine, Mountain
Lupine, Per. Purple
Lupine, Russell
Lupine, Yellow
Mallow, Tree
Maltese Cross
Marigold, Desert
Marigold, French
Milkweed, Butterfly
Milkweed, Showy
Milkweed, Swamp
Mint, Lemon
Nodding Pink Onion
Partridge Pea
Penstemon, Palmer
Penstemon, Rocky Mtn.
Penstemon, Shelf-Leaf
Penstemon, Smooth
Petunia, Wild
Phlox, Ann. Mix Colors
Phlox, Mountain
Phlox, Red Annual
Pinks, Cottage
Pinks, Fringed
Pinks Maiden
Pinks, Sweet William
Poppy, Calif. Orange
Poppy, Corn
Poppy, Dwarf California
Poppy, Iceland
Poppy, Oriental
Poppy, Red Corn
Poppy, Calif.Mix Colors
Primrose, Com. Evening
Primrose, Dwarf Evening
Primrose, Pale Evening
Primrose, Showy Even.
Primrose, Tall Evening
Rattlesnake Master
Rockcress, Purple
Rockcress, White
Sage, Blue
Sage, Pitcher
Sage, Scarlet
Sagewort, Prairie
Snapdragon, Spurred
Sneezeweed, Autumn
Snow -in-summer
Spiderwort, Ohio
Spiderwort, Prairie
Stock, Virginia
Sunflower, Maximilian
Sunflower, Ox-Eye
Sweet Blk-Eyed Susan
Sweet Pea, Perennial
Thyme, Creeping
Tickseed, Leavenworth

Trefoil, Bird's Foot
Verbena, Moss
Vervain, Blue
Vervain, Hoary
Wallflower, English
Wallflower, Siberian
Yarrow, Gold
Yarrow, Red
Yarrow, Western
Yarrow, White
Zinnia, Classic
Zinnia, Creeping
Zinnia, Pumila Mix

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